Hi I’m Fran – day dreamer, wanderluster, food devourer, adventure seeker, people person, chatty yogi-loving, health nutter…

I work with beautiful women, who want to be the very best version of themselves; who want to heal their relationship with food; who want to live with ease and grace; who want the healthy choice to be second nature; who want to have fun in the process. I am their supporter, guide and cheerleader.

I believe that everybody is different, that means healthy looks different for every one of us.

So, do you want the quick story?

  • lovennourish began as a hashtag
  • I studied Public Health & Media and Communication at uni – met likeminded people, we bonded over food
  • Before this, I struggled to get a grasp on how to be healthy
  • I didn’t hit rock bottom, but I did have a poor relationship with food
  • I was inspired by my beautiful friends, we shared recipes, experimented with new foods and learnt the impact food could have on our body
  • Slowly I started incorporating the things I’d learned into my diet
  • I felt and saw the difference; life generally felt easier – mentally, physically, emotionally
  • People started asking me what had changed, how could they do it too?
  • It inspired me to study health coaching
  • Now I work with beautiful women, together we work out what healthy looks and feels like for their individual needs
  • I inspire them to be honest with themselves, to drop the old stories they’ve been repeating for years
  • I make health fuss free and easy; I debunk all the myths and crazy health information out there, keeping it simple and accessible
  • Does any of this inspire you to want more? To find out about the programs I offer, read this. For the longer version of my story, keep reading…

lovennourish began as a hashtag…

But I digress… The connection between health and food only really clicked for me when I was at uni. Before that, I feared food, had absolutely no idea how to listen to my body, thought low fat would make me “skinny” and pushed my body because I hated it, not because I loved it.

I “used” food – when I was sad/angry/tired/bored/lonely. When there was junk food around I felt like there was a monster within me who would take over quickly devouring anything and everything in sight until I felt sick… And then I’d feel waves of guilt wash over me, “I’ll be better on Monday.” It was an endless cycle and a pretty unhappy one at that.

To be honest, I never hit rock bottom – there wasn’t this big ‘aha’ moment. I purely experienced another way through friendship and the simple lovennourish hashtag.

I was studying health and I met this group of women who inspired the hell out of me; they were interested in food as the power provider for the body. We played with new recipes, sourced foods we’d never heard of, learnt about nutrients, seasonal produce, ethics and the origin of foods. We used the hashtag to share our creations and keep in contact when we graduated. Without me even realising it I healed my poor relationship with food through pure fun and experimentation; and it lit me up from the inside out.

It was vibrant, delicious, satisfying, light, adventurous… it was a whole new different side of food I’d never considered. It felt so good, being so close to me, supporting my body because I deserved it.

This inspired me to study at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a holistic health and wellness coach. I wanted to share my passion and empower others to experience the relationship between food and health just as I had.

lovennourish started as a collaborate hashtag so it was only natural that it expanded to a collaborative website.

My beautiful co-blogger Jen (pictured above on the left) came on board in 2014; she brings her bio-medical background as well as her penchant for wholefoods, drive for success and desire to trick her boyfriend into eating healthier meals that he loves.

I believe health is different for everyone, which is why I work with clients to discover their individual health needs. We are all individuals with different backgrounds, lifestyles, experiences and requirements and these needs change during the seasons and over the years. I teach people to be connected to their needs, to listen to their body and to live from a place of pure love, for who they are in this lifetime.

Yes I eat cake, drink coffee, love cheese and have a deep affection for wine. I don’t “miss out” but I do treat my body with the love it deserves.

If you think I can make a difference in your life, I’d love to meet you for a complimentary, obligation free ‘getting to know you’ session so you can get a taste for what I am all about and we can see whether we hit it off.

If you’re after some fuss free recipes, simple health-hacks, serious body love, positive life musings, and self-love ideas – visit our blog.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me

All my love,

Fran xx



  1. I love that quote Franny, one that I read the other day and is written on my whiteboard at work is: “Live fully, Love openly.”

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