Health & Wellness Coaching


What can you expect with me as your health coach?

We are going to get REAL.

First we will identify your ‘why’ – the reason you are here and just what you want to get out of our time together. This becomes our road map that we will help us as we lovingly explore what is standing in the way of you and your most fearlessly authentic self. Our sessions will be semi-structured but I am a big believer in seeing how things naturally unravel as we get to talking: whatever is meant to come up, will.

You will always have real, tangible strategies and mini-goals to take away from every session that you can implement right away.  Each time we meet we will step closer to creating the life of your dreams.

What will I need from you?

Connection – If we are going to work together we need to gel. The magic can’t happen unless we’ve got the right chemistry to build a beautiful bond grounded in mutual trust and respect.

Commitment – If you’re seeking genuine self-discovery, your heart is open and you’re truly ready to give it all you got, then I’m your go-to-gal.

I’d love to meet you for a complimentary, obligation free ‘getting to know you’ session so you can get a taste for what I am all about and we can see whether we hit it off.

Let’s meet up!


The process of working with Fran over a beautiful six month period was utterly life-affirming and soul invigorating. And I don’t say that lightly. I was feeling stuck in deep rut when we started our time together. Although I was blessed with so many wonderful things in my life, I wasn’t really able to enjoy them. I was very much just ‘going through the motions’ and had some not-so-healthy habits and thought patterns that had put down deep roots.

Through my time with Fran I came to realise that somewhere along the line I had lost the ability to tune in to my inner voice – and once I rediscovered the ability to tune back in, I began to be able to walk through life with ease, and more importantly with love. Love for others, love for what the universe provides me with, but most ground-breakingly some well overdue love for myself. Unlocking that ability to really connect with my heart and true-self (my core values, my goals, my hopes and dreams) helped me start to think differently, see things differently, and treat myself and others differently.  I walked away from each of our sessions feeling a little lighter and brighter, and with a clearer sense of who I am and in what direction I want my life to travel.

What actual concrete changes did I notice?

  • My relationship with my fiancé improved exponentially once Fran(ces) helped me realise that we were communicating in different ‘love languages’.
  • My mindset on diet, nutrition and exercise shifted dramatically and I started nourishing myself from the inside out. I started to eat intuitively, gained energy, and lost weight (without even trying).
  • After becoming a little closed-off socially, I regained the confidence to start saying “YES” to more invitations. I began investing more energy in my current friendships and expanding my circle of friends.
  • Always one to jump straight to the negative conclusion (thanks Anxiety!), I am slowly mastering the art of showing up to every situation with love, instead of fear. I now see the opportunity for learning or growth in difficult situations, and am able to be kind to myself no matter how I deal with them.

All in all, if you are feeling like you have lost that spark within yourself, are feeling a bit stagnant, or just not happy with your current lifestyle or mindset, then I can guarantee you that working with Fran will be the gentle remedy that you are looking for.

  • Lauren, Canberra


Coaching can be held in person (Canberra) or via Skype

I currently offer three programs: ‘appetiser’, ‘entree’ and ‘main’


A quick, targeted and intensive intention and goal setting experience where we will hit the ground running and lay the framework for real change in your life.


  • 2 x 1-on-1 fortnightly sessions
  • 1 x weekly check-in via phone or email
  • Your own personal manifesto

Investment $180.00*


Over three months we will unpack what has been holding you back with gentle curiosity and get you well on the path toward unconditional self-love and good vibes!


  • 6 x 1-on-1 fortnightly sessions
  • 2 x weekly check-ins via phone or email
  • Your own personal manifesto

Investment $528.00*


Unbelievable change can happen in six months! With the luxury of time we can really get stuck into healing your spirit and crafting the life you have always dreamed of.


  • 12 x 1-on-1 fortnightly sessions
  • 2 x weekly check-ins via phone or email
  • Your own personal manifesto

Investment $1,020.00*

*Payment plans are available and discounts for up-front payment offered, contact me for more information

Certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition